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Dragon Naturallyspeaking for Dummies
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Learn to: * Save time and increase productivity with speech recognition software * Use Dragon to send an email or to browse the web * Update your Facebook page using only your voice * Create reports, take notes, and control your PC verbally Command your computer, surf the web, create reports, and more -- with your voice! Clicking and typing is so mundane! This handy, fully updated guide shows you how to use Dragon to tell your computer what to do! Learn to be even more productive with daily tasks like managing email, updating Facebook, and creating documents. Use this book to discover tips that save time and your sanity, and even explore app development with Dragon. * Meet your Dragon -- find out what version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking you need and what it can and can't do * Basic training -- install and launch the software, create a user profile, and teach Dragon to recognize your voice * Talking is faster than typing -- learn to get things done more efficiently by directing and interacting with your PC through voice recognition software * Cruise the desktop -- manage your desktop, files, folders, windows, and even your mouse * Dictating to devices -- see how to use Dragon on your iPad(r), iPhone(r), or Android(TM) device * Talk to your applications -- discover how to dictate, format, and edit documents and Excel spreadsheets * Dragon's developmental capabilities -- explore how Dragon is being used to automate programming tasks for app development Open the book and find: * Timesaving tips to avoid Dragon hassles * Shortcuts to more efficient e-mailing * All about editing documents with DragonPad * Tips for talking your way around the web * How different people can use the same Dragon * Ways to be sure Dragon understands you * Workarounds for common problems * Ten mistakes to avoid

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