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Behold The Lilies
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Behold the Lilies draws from the riches of the author's long-standing work in the theology of nature and ecological spirituality, especially from his classic historical study, The Travail of Nature (1985), and from his Franciscan exploration in Christian spirituality, Before Nature (2014). In this new volume, Santmire maintains that those who would follow Jesus are mandated not just to care for the earth and all its creatures but also to contemplate the beauties of the whole creation, beginning with ''the lilies of the field.'' His first-person reflections range from ''Scything with God'' to ''Rediscovering Saint Francis in Stone,'' from ''Taking a Plunge in the Niagara River'' to ''Pondering the Darkness of Nature.'' Behold the Lilies offers brief spiritual reflections that can be read in any order, over a period of time. This accessible primer will be welcomed not only by those who have already identified themselves with the way of Jesus but also by others who are searching for a contemplative spirituality attuned to global ecological and justice issues. ''What a lovely small book, and what a powerful antidote to Twitter, Facebook, and all the rest. To be immersed in the world around us is one of the greatest of gifts!'' --Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth ''H. Paul Santmire's¿Behold the Lilies¿is shocking theology. In a day when theology is responding to crises on every side, up and down, he commands us (as Jesus did) to¿look¿at creation and see its beauty, God's beauty, in nature. The power of beauty to move us is greater than the power of worry, fear, and rage at injustice to draw us into a more graceful relation to God, nature, and each other. Santmire's beautiful meditations are among the beauties through which we are brought into a better state as good creatures.'' --Robert Cummings Neville, Professor of Philosophy, Religion, and Theology, Boston University; author of¿Seasons of the Christian Life ''By contemplating the lilies as Jesus would ask us to, our creator God shines through the beauty of nature. Veteran theologian of nature H. Paul Santmire evokes in his reader wonder, awe, and grace.'' --Ted Peters, coeditor,¿Theology and Science and¿Nurture in Time and Eternity ''One of the pioneers of Christian eco-theology, H. Paul Santmire has blessed us with a delightful new book. As the subtitle indicates, it is full of wise reflections on following Jesus and contemplating the natural world. How do we take seriously the summons to behold the world around us? Paul shows us how. Insightful, honest, hope-filled, and engagingly written. I highly recommend it.'' --Steven Bouma-Prediger, author of For the Beauty of the Earth: A Christian Vision for Creation Care H. Paul Santmire has been a pioneer in the field of ecological theology and spirituality. His works include Brother Earth (1970), The Travail of Nature (1985), Nature Reborn (2000), Ritualizing Nature (2008), and Before Nature (2014

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