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Drop the cookies. Step away from the Facebook page. Reclaim your life. Dating ruts and dieting demons are battled out in this get-it-together guide to breaking up, shaping up, and defriending toxic relationships once and for all. DEFRIENDED is part memoir, part self-help; a slightly self-deprecating and hopefully inspiring four-stage guide to healing, rebuilding and moving on post-break up. Drawn from the personal experience of author Christina Morelli, DEFRIENDED examines the self-destructive tendencies we engage in with relationships, dieting and exercise, draws parallels between the three, and provides insight into overcoming those saboteurs for good. Filled with anecdotes, advice, checklists, playlists, fun facts and tough love, DEFRIENDED is certain to leave you with a newfound sense of empowerment, a discovery of control, and above all, comfort in knowing you're not alone.

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