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Silent Treatment: The Narcissist Inflicts Emoti...
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Silent treatment is one of the most devastating acts from a narcissist when his or her lover is falling in love with them. The narcissist uses this tactic to create a conflict of "supply and demand". The narcissist love bombs and supplies his lovers for a time period until he has no more to give or until he gets bored with his partner. Then he pushes the partner away and returns to fulfill his own desires while the partner is away. The silent treatment of a narcissist is significantly more impactful and cruel than the silent treatment that is dished out from a normal partner. The normal partner will go off in another room to get his space and watch television. The narcissist will go in the other room to immerse himself in porn, voyeurism, Facebook and other means of separating emotionally from his partner. He is tired of his partner, thus he finds other women to fulfill his needs rather than approaching her to do so. The silent treatment of the narcissist includes cheating, flirting with friends of the opposite sex, and texting or calling exes behind their partner's back. These activities keep the narcissist shielded from emotional pain and rejection from their partner, because they always have someone else ready to catch them. The narcissist always begins another romantic relationship before he ends another. He cannot go even a day without narcissistic supply from someone, and thus this is his coping mechanism for the ending of a relationship. He will soothe himself from a breakup or from his partner cheating on him with attentions and affections from many others. The narcissist will disappear for hours, days, weeks or months. When you least expect it, he will be back around again to check up on you. He will throw out a line to all of his narcissistic supply people to see which one will stroke his ego the best. He will take that one source down from the shelf to play with it until he tires of playing with his toy. 1. Language: English. Narrator: D Gaunt. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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