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Cure - Natural Aqua Gel Skincare Set 3 pcs
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Brand from Japan: Cure. Natural Aqua Gel 250g x 1 In October 2017, Cure Natural Aqua Gel was the only Japanese Skincare brand to receive the brand of the year in the health and beauty skincare category by the prestigious World Branding Awards which was held at Kensington Palace, London. Other winners include Apple, L'Oreal, Yakult, Facebook, Louis Vuitton, and other popular brands. Cure Natural Aqua Gel is a gentle and natural exfoliating gel that removes dead skin effectively without causing undue stress to the skin. Very gentle and removes only unwanted dead skin. Neither dries or thins your skin, preventing irritation and vulnerability to sun damage. Contains 90% revitalized hydrogen water and natural plant extracts from aloe vera, gingko and rosemary. Does not use preservatives, fragrance, artificial colorings or alcohol that can irritate skin. Gently and effectively removes old and dead skin cells to promote skin renewal and prevent skin problems. Complements any facial regimen to allow moisturizers, serum and other skincare formulas to penetrate deeper and better. You may also use Cure on your hands, neck, low-neck, elbows, heels and etc. A bottle shall last approximately four months using for entire body. With regular use, Cure keeps your skin healthy, smooth and glowing. How to use: Simply apply a small amount on desired area after cleansing. Leave it for a few seconds to allow Cure Natural Aqua Gel to react to the skin cells. Avoiding the eye area, gently massage in a circular motion from 30 seconds to 1 minute. The gel will turn into a milky liquid and dead skin particles will be visible. Rinse well with water. Bathtime Bath Salt 20g x 1 As it is packing 100% natural rock salt Ruby Salt which was harvested in Himalaya, you can enjoy mineral plenty of 300 million years ago mysterious sea at home. Just put one bag, detoxify residual chlorine in tap water, protect the skin from oxidation. Himalayan rock salt effect: Moisturizing skin skin trouble improvement. Symptoms Skin rough skin acne dry skin. Natural mineral ingredients lead to more healthy trouble skin (rough skin, acne, dry skin, etc). Salinity can wash away pore dirt and eliminate dullness of the skin. Warmth from the core of the body Improvement of constitution. Symptoms coldness, swelling, stiff shoulder stiffness. It is rich in natural mineral same as hot spring. Promotes blood circulation so you can expect warmth of symptoms of coldness, swelling, stiff shoulders. How to use: Put a bag in your bath tub (about 200 L). Stir well after a few minutes. You can melt it once with hot water in the basin and then return it to the bathtub. Fossils of seaweed 300 million years ago are mixed, but there is no problem in quality. Water Trea

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