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Marine Diesel Basics 1
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Seeing is understanding! With over 300 illustrations, this book explains everything you need to know to maintain a marine diesel system, winterize the diesel system, protect from heat and humidity, and summerize to ensure reliable and trouble-free service. • step-by-step instructions in clear, simple drawings • explains the complete system - fuel, lubrication, cooling, breathing, electrical, running gear (shaft, stuffing box, propeller) • lists all necessary tools and supplies to get each task done • covers sailboats, motorboats and narrowboats • indirect and direct cooled diesel engines • saildrives - maintenance, lay-up, recommission Maximize the joy and freedom of being out on the water, knowing your diesel system is properly maintained and a reliable and robust friend in all conditions. Marine Diesel Basics shows you how. Marine Diesel Basics is a new series of VISUAL guides to the complete marine diesel system on sailboats, powerboats and narrowboats - fuel, engine, breathing, cooling, lubrication, electrical, transmission, stern gland and propeller, troubleshooting, mechanic's know-how and boat buyer's guide. Watch for new titles coming soon, follow Marine Diesel Basics on Facebook, @oceanhermit or

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